Markiert: Germany


“Dear Child of Israel” or “a Cheap Partner”: The Relation of the Israeli Consulate in Munich to the German Jewry 1948-1953, Abstract by Irit Chen

As a paradox, the end of the Second World War and the Holocaust made Germany a gathering place for the persecuted European Jewry. In 1945 around 50,000 displaced Jews lived in DP camps.  At the same time, around 19,000 German Jews were rescued thanks to assimilation, mixed marriages and hiding....


“Documents of Oppression”: Nazi Art and Vergangenheitsbewältigung in Frankfurt, 1974, Abstract by Jennifer Gramer

Frankfurt, 1974: Over a period of eight weeks, 36,000 visitors streamed into a show, “Kunst im 3. Reich: Dokumente der Unterwerfung,” presented by the Frankfurter Kunstverein and members of the Marxist-leaning Frankfurt University. The exhibition was organized as a direct response to a wave of nostalgia in Germany for the...